Thursday, 21 July 2011

Social Archive One: An Economic Forecast (Shoreditch) 2011

Social Archive One:  What's happening in our local community?
Social Archive One: Mary at Boundary estate lauderette

As part of our art and economies project, we wanted to focus on our local community.  Invia is located in the East End in Shoreditch an area that has seen immigrant groups moving to the area historically, to artists moving in for the cheap rents, this evolved to government introduced regeneration and now the area is well on its way to total gentrification.  So we invited members of the public and artist Shiraz Bayjoo to become social historians to document local histories and sentiments about the changing economies of the local area on film.

We found a group of leather makers who have been in the area since 1972 to a woman whose family have operated a tea stand since 1919.  Will either of these two firmly established business survive the influx of high end shops to the local area?  Watch:  Social Archive One Films.

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