Friday, 5 August 2011

Damon Rich: Red Lines, Death Vows, Foreclosures, Risk Structures

Architectures of Finance from the Great Depression to the Sub-Prime Meltdown

The American preference for traditional residential design masks a frightening reality: across the globe, individual buildings have been retrofitted to serve as interchangeable nodes in a vast abstract structure, held loosely together by legal and political restraints, made to allow the furious circulation of finance capital.

Installation View, 2008
Predatory Tales, a short video featuring victims of mortgage scams

                                                              Predatory Tales:  True stories of homebuying scams

An installation of models, photographs, videos, and drawings by artist-designer Damon Rich, Red Lines immerses visitors in a landscape of pulsing capital and liquidated buildings, exploring the relation between finance and architecture.

During a year-long residence at MIT’s Center for Advanced Visual Studies, Rich, founder of the Center for Urban Pedagogy (CUP), surveyed the darkening realm of real estate markets: foreclosures, pro-formas, chains of title, block busting, exploding ARMs, and the obscure history of the mortgage.

Damon Rich is an artist and designer. Information from the MIT Center for Advanced Visual Studies.

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